Terms & Conditions

This NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER is made to all customers and purchasers of Segway® and Ninebot® products from E&S International Enterprises, Inc. (“ESI”). You are by this NOTICE advised that Segway® and Ninebot® products are sold by independent, dealers and distributors and that ESI is also an independent, authorized distributor of Segway Inc. Each dealer or distributor, including ESI, is an independent business, completely separate from and is an independent contractor to, Segway Inc. Except for Segway Inc.’s granting of a limited license to ESI to use certain trademarks owned by Segway Inc. and Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co., Inc. in connection with the sale and promotion of genuine products, Segway Inc. does not control any independent dealers and Segway Inc. does not own, operate or control the website(s) used by ESI to advertise, promote and sell genuine Segway Inc. and Ninebot products. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Segway Inc. and Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co., Inc., hereby DISCLAIMS any liability for any intentional or negligent act by any dealer/distributor, any representations made, and/or any damage to any Segway or Ninebot product caused by an act of any dealer/distributor. Neither Segway or Ninebot will not be responsible or liable for any damages caused by any dealer/distributor, including any dealer/distributor identified as an “authorized” dealer. Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., as the manufacturer, offers a separate limited warranty to all customers and buyers of the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO. That limited warranty offered by Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co., Inc. is separate and apart from other or additional warranties or guarantees offered by any dealer/distributor and neither Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co., Inc. nor Segway Inc. will be responsible for any representation or warranty made by any dealer/distributor.

Any statement in any advertisement, literature, brochure, or website should NOT be interpreted or construed as expressly or impliedly creating any relationship between Segway Inc. or Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co., Inc. and any dealer/distributor, including ESI.